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Whether we acknowledge it or not, browsers are probably the most important tools we have at our disposal currently. The benefits of modern web browsers are immeasurable, and more often than not, we take everything they offer for granted.

However, not all browsers are created equal: some are better than others when it comes to enhancing productivity, some are more privacy-focused, some look better and run smoother, and some have fewer general compatibility problems than others. One thing is clear, though – no browser is perfect.

Ask yourself this: what’s the one biggest shortcoming of most modern browsers? The answer might surprise you, especially considering the nature of Internet browsers in general: running web apps.

This is exactly why Sidekick was created, and it’s also why it’s definitely worthy of your attention.

What is Sidekick, and what makes it so special? Sidekick can be very well regarded as a typical Chromium-based browser that provides all the benefits of the said engine. However, considering it just a web browser might not do it justice.

Sidekick is more of a “work OS based on the Chromium browser.” Its main purpose is to provide you with a better way of working with multiple web apps, and it makes considerable strides to pull away from the classic workflow employed by most browsers – tabs, tabs, and more tabs.

We all know that working with a classic web browser eventually leads to tab clutter. Opting for desktop apps for your favorite web apps is a solution, but it’s far from ideal. In short, most modern browsers suffer from a lack of integration of web apps with the rest of your online work.

Sidekick fixes this by making you less reliant on tabs. Instead, you can access all your favorite web apps from the well-designed sidebar.

Apps can be pinned in the said sidebar, and they also have their own history. You can also configure each web app when it comes to notifications and alerts to perfectly suit your work style.

Of course, you can still use tabs, and benefit from their original functionality, but you won’t necessarily have to do it. At least not so often, anyway.

Another great feature of Sidekick is the fact that it allows you to switch between accounts with ease, something that most browsers struggle with. With Sidekick, you can have multiple login sessions for the same platform/web app.

Needless to say, this creates a lot of possibilities and unique workflows (for example, you can work on two projects at the same time, each one with their separate login, separate app Sidebar, and separate tabs).

All your tabs and sessions are automatically saved by Sidekick. This means that you can quickly start a full session with all your tabs, favorite apps, and specific logins with one click.

And that’s not all. The cherry at the top of the productivity cake is that you can also search across all your apps, all your tabs, workplaces, and work sessions. Sidekick boasts a nifty browser-wide search bar and, trust us, it’s extremely useful and extremely easy to use. Just use the ALT+S keyboard shortcut, and you’ll see.

Here’s what we’ve learned so far: Sidekick is a Chromium-based browser that acts as a smooth-running OS for all your web apps.

It brings together all your favorite web apps under a single roof, both for personal and professional work, it fixes most of the issues of web app integration, it fixes the tab clutter problem, it has a browser-wide search feature, and it allows you to switch between accounts without having to log out of the current session.

Pretty impressive so far, but it also blocks trackers unequivocally, blocks data-grabbing ads, it saves memory by suspending tabs thanks to an AI-powered engine. The last issue we want to address is collaboration. Sidekick provides almost everything you as an individual require to work with your favorite web apps in perfect harmony, but by opting for the Pro or Teams plans, you get extra functionalities.

These extras allow you to share apps, bookmarks, benefit from built-in video call functionality, share passwords securely, and much more.

Sidekick may look like a typical web browser at first glance, but make no mistake, there’s a good chance that this browser will pave the way for a new generation of web browsers to come.

We’ve already seen smooth integration with Google Chrome and the company’s suite of useful web apps. Sidekick takes things a step further with its unique functionalities and smart features, as it aims to bring together every web tool you and your team rely on in one single stylish and modern, surprisingly familiar interface.

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