EasyMorph – Download

Businesses and management within organizations more often than not will require specialized tools in order to address the specific requirements that result from the intricacies of data, as well as the potential, necessary operations. This is where techniques and protocols such as ETL – Extract, Transform, and Load come into play, offering a standardized framework for workflows. EasyMorph is an application that not only addresses such requirements, but also aims at offering users the means to generate reports, aggregate data, export it, and perform operations that pertain to auditing, for instance.

The application carries a well-designed interface, which much resembles that of Office-type suites, and if you’re accustomed to working with such apps, you’ll be able to better appreciate it, as well as integrate it within your workflow.

Loads of functionality are provided through on-screen features, which maximizes accessibility, and the fact that you will be able to work with data in a modular fashion, through the provided diagram-type builder, makes things even better.

The strength of EasyMorph lies not only in its data manipulation tools but also in the fact that it will allow you to address a load of other aspects. For instance, preparing and generating reports based on the said data is just a click away, and comes sporting an in-depth customization.

If you’re keen on your spreadsheets, you will be able to integrate the app’s functionality within Excel’s workflow, as well as cater to Web APIs if your circumstances dictate such requirements.

Right from the start, it was apparent quite quickly that EasyMorph leaves nothing to be desired in terms of tools and features for gathering, editing, agglutinating, and exporting data, or transforming it into reports or other secondary products, regardless of the nature of that data.

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