Perforce will absorb data virtualization firm Delphix

Enterprise developer software firm Perforce will buy data management provider Delphix for an undisclosed sum, the companies said on Wednesday.

The type of data management tools that Delphix offers — most notably virtualization and masking technology that allows for devops testing without misusing personally identifiable information or sensitive corporate data — makes it easier for devops teams to enhance their application delivery pipelines.

“In addition to data automation and compliance, we are also excited to provide our customers with the operational efficiencies and reduced costs afforded by the Delphix platform through lower storage expenditures and footprint,” said Perforce CEO Jim Cassens in a news release announcing the deal.

The Delphix acquisition should let Perforce offer more accelerated infrastructure automation capabilities to devops teams, given the improvements to on-demand delivery and testing environments provided by Delphix’s technology. It should be easier for Perforce customers to spin up and tear down all types of cloud data environments, as well.

A more integrated devops platform

Moving toward a more complete devops offering — though Perforce isn’t quite there yet — is a key consideration for the deal, according to IDC program vice president Jim Mercer. Yet he also said that integrating Delphix could provide a more secure and stable platform for devops.

“To me, the key thing here is the integration with the Perforce platform,” he said. “When I think about compliance and even software supply chain security, bad actors are looking at software development pipelines.”

The core integration issue, however, was a major part of Perforce’s messaging around the deal, and the acquisition does help the company get a step closer to providing an end-to-end product. Perforce already does source control, versioning, and automation quite well, Mercer said, and Delphix’s technology should complement existing offerings in the testing space.

Delphix’s role as a somewhat specialized provider of data management technology made them an ideal candidate for a company like Perforce to acquire, he noted.

“I think the challenge for them is they’re in a domain and they play well in that domain, but when a lot of organizations are looking for a devops stack or platform they can put together, there’s been too much tool sprawl,” he said.

The companies did not disclose the terms of the deal, which they expect to close by the end of June 2024.

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