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As many of us do, you probably remove applications from your computer the only way Windows allows you to, namely via the Control Panel’s Add or Remove Programs or, in Windows 11, via the Windows’ Settings app. However, this method does not guarantee that all the leftovers are also deleted from the local PC.  
That is what the developers of Uninstalr decided to work on, as this lightweight and simple application is capable of removing not only the main software, but also leftovers from other apps that were previously installed on your computer.

It might take a bit of time for Uninstalr to search for installed software on your computer and populate its tables, but be patient, as the process is not that long. Uninstalr’s table includes the type of data it found (leftovers or normal installation), the name of the app’s publisher and the software’s name, as well as its size on the local computer and the date of the installation.

To remove applications, all you have to do is select them via the checkboxes and click a button. Uninstalr retrieves the installation location and scans the computer to find the installation directory, the software’s files and folders, the registry data of each, and other leftovers.

The interesting thing is that you can use Uninstalr to remove multiple applications in one go. In other words, you simply have to select the programs to remove and Uninstalr will find and remove the data for each, one by one, all while you do something else. Practically, you tell it what apps to remove and Uninstalr carries out the task, without you having to hit any “Next” button or click for confirmations.

By default, Uninstalr is configured to have all the other applications removed when uninstalling software and restart the system once the app removal is completed, so as to make sure that all the remaining data and all the leftovers are completely gone. You can change this setting to your preferences.

Aside from uninstalling apps, Uninstalr also features a monitoring tool for newly installed software. When Uninstalr runs in this mode, it automatically detects when a new setup is running and a new aop is installed. It can scan the PC and detect all its data, including created files and folders and registry entries.

Uninstalr is an interesting alternative to Windows’ built-in uninstaller, as it can remove software and leftovers altogether. Not only that, but it can also monitor the PC for newly installed applications and, what is more, remove multiple software without user intervention. Stating that it is better than the Control Panel app is probably a bit too much, but it surely brings a few features that are worth your while.

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