CMT Announces OTA Test Chamber for Far-Field, mmWave and Sub-THz Antenna Measurements above 18 GHz

CMT Announces OTA Test Chamber for Far-Field, mmWave and Sub-THz Antenna Measurements above 18 GHz

Copper Mountain Technologies has announced a new turnkey solution for customers needing to make far-field, mmWave and sub-THz antenna measurements above 18 GHz. The OTA antenna test system features a wide array of configurations depending on the user’s far-field requirements, antenna size, desired frequency range, and antenna positioner functionality.

“By their simplicity and performance, these one-stop-shopping combinations are very compelling propositions for the ever-growing global market for mmWave and Sub-THz antenna testing,” explains Jeanmarc Laurent, the creator of MilliBox. “Traditional anechoic chambers are often room-sized, painful to share, and very expensive to own. Instead, these bundles allow users to test phased-array antennas with a flexible and accessible measurement system at a fraction of the cost of similar offerings.”

CMT has partnered with MilliBox and Eravant to offer a complete over-the-air (OTA) antenna measurement chamber solution ranging from 18 GHz to 220 GHz. Each OTA system includes a benchtop compact anechoic chamber, a 3D antenna positioner (gimbal), sophisticated but intuitive measurement software, and other necessary accessories to fully set up a chamber for far-field antenna measurements. Each system is anchored by CMT’s 2-port 9 GHz Cobalt VNA and includes a set of frequency extenders for the measurement band of your choice.

These comprehensive OTA solution bundles provide a low-cost, portable, space-saving solution that is ideal for 5G and mmWave and sub-THz antenna testing applications across automotive radaraerospacesatellite communication, and similar industries. “We wanted to develop an over-the-air antenna measurement solution that’s accessible to an assortment of radar engineers, antenna designers, etc.,” says Brian Walker, Senior RF Design Engineer SME. “The OTA bundle is an all-in-one solution that provides everything needed to accurately test small mmWave antennas. The combination of affordability and portability will enable multiple systems in a single lab environment for users to simultaneously test multiple antennas.”

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