Fast SSD improves computer performance

Joining Samsung’s lineup of consumer SSDs, the 990 EVO delivers a sequential read speed of up to 5000 Mbytes/s, 43% faster than the 970 EVO Plus model. The company also reports that the 990 EVO offers up to a 70% improvement in power efficiency compared to its predecessor.

Available with storage capacities of 1 terabyte and 2 terabytes, the internal NVMe SSD enhances everyday computing experiences like gaming and video/photo editing. In addition to its fast sequential read rate, the drive’s sequential write speed reaches 4200 Mbytes/s. Random read and write operations also get a boost, with speeds of up to 700k and 800k input/output operations/s (IOPS), respectively.

Improved power efficiency allows battery-powered PCs to operate longer between charges. The 990 EVO supports Windows Modern Standby, which enables instant on/off with uninterrupted internet connectivity and seamless notification reception, even in low-power states. What’s more, the SSD’s heat spreader label effectively regulates the thermal condition of the NAND chip.

The 990 EVO supports both PCIe 4.0 x4 and PCIe 5.0 x2 interfaces. Samsung’s Magician software is a set of optimization tools to ensure the best SSD performance. It also streamlines the data migration process for SSD upgrades. Magician protects valuable data, monitors drive health, and provides notification of firmware updates.

The 990 EVO SSD will be available in Malaysia starting next month.

990 EVO product page


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