Reddit could potentially be used to train AI models

What you need to know

  • An emerging report indicates that Reddit is in the middle of a megadeal with an unnamed large AI company worth $60 million yearly.
  • The deal could potentially allow the company to use the content from Reddit to train its AI models. 
  • More details about the deal, the company’s identity, and what it intends to do with the content it gets from Reddit remain unclear.

Generative AI is a hot topic in the technology landscape as more companies continue to warm up to it and integrate it into their workflows. In the past year and change, we’ve seen people using AI to unlock new heights and tap into new opportunities across education, medicine, computing, and more.

While this is impressive, there’s a growing concern revolving around the safety and privacy measures in place to prevent AI from spiraling out of control. Adding to this, there’s also the issue of companies like Microsoft and OpenAI stealing using copyrighted information to train their models.

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