Download Jedi Survivor Occlusion Culling Fix

In a time when GPUs have been experiencing an exponential increase in raw performance, developers try their best to take advantage of the technological improvements in order to provide players with titles that get one step closer towards the real-life level of graphical fidelity that many consumers wish for.

However, in doing so, a Pandora’s box is opened that makes balancing performance and stability increasingly difficult, as is demonstrated by forum posts on AAA titles with enough resources to be able to tackle issues solved by players themselves through mods the likes of Jedi Survivor Occlusion Culling Fix.

The deeper the developers delve into their journey towards achieving photo-realistic graphics, the more complex their product becomes and the harder it is to fix game-breaking bugs without accidentally introducing other problems that were not initially present in the earlier builds of the game.

One example is the way in which the color of the skybox flashes when making sudden movements with the in-game camera across two perfectly snapped blocks hiding behind an object while the Occlusion Culling parameter is enabled, as illustrated by developers using Unreal Engine 4.

This phenomenon is also unfortunately experienced by plenty of STAR WARS Jedi: Survivor players, whose gameplay experience is severely hindered by the immersion-breaking white flashes that the Occlusion Culling feature seems to be responsible for.

Given the fact that some other factors that range from users’ hardware setups to the driver versions that they have installed can also be to blame, it may take a while to receive an official solution. In the meantime, simply placing the .PAK file of the mod within the game folder should drastically decrease the frequency of the flashes.

All users who have tried updating the drivers, re-installing the game or even upgrading their hardware should give Jedi Survivor Occlusion Culling Fix a try in order to avoid the distraction that the graphical glitches may incur.

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