The biggest new Minecraft feature in years completely changes the game, but I’m not totally sold yet

Minecraft may technically fall into the games-as-a-service category thanks to nearly 15 years of continued support and updates, but the legendary survival-crafting game indubitably evolves significantly slower than the biggest players in the same live service space. It’s not often that the Minecraft status quo is shaken up in any meaningful way, but that’s exactly what happened on Feb. 20, 2024.

Mojang Studios announced a new category in the Minecraft: Bedrock Edition Marketplace for “add-ons,” which are unlike anything else previously offered in the cross-platform storefront. You see, add-ons are — for all intents and purposes — full-blown mods, able to fundamentally change Minecraft as a game with new features, mechanics, content, and more. Yes, modding has long been a part of Minecraft’s history, but this announcement dramatically closes the gap between the modern, universal Bedrock Edition and the powerful, legacy Java Edition where most Minecraft modders thrive.

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