Download Supertone Clear

Audio plugins are a must if you’re looking to expand upon your music creation endeavors. The ability to include all manner of plugins in your DAW workflows is not to be understated, as it can have a noticeable impact on the end product. Supertone Clear is a plugin that can be used to de-noise, de-reverb, and de-voice one’s audio in a simple and concise manner.

The plugin achieves theses feats by essentially separating audio into three separate channels, which confers it greater control over the material. As such, a separation between ambience, voice, as well as voice reverb is achieved, which ultimately makes it easier to manipulate those elements to good effect.

The user will then be able to tweak the volume of each of these aforementioned elements. You may thus modify the dB values for ambient noise, as well as any voices present in the recording, while also switching between stereo and mono channels. The ability to tweak voice reverb additionally grants you the possibility to manage the spatial qualities of your audio.

With such a degree of versatility being available, users can readily add the plugin to their digital audio workstation of their choice and experiment freely with what it has to offer.

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