Download Tablacus Explorer

Microsoft’s design language and feature set, despite its constant evolution, may not be suitable for every Windows user. For those who want their file manager to do more than Windows’ default offering, without having to compromise on security, privacy or costs, Tablacus Explorer may be the best alternative.

When booting up the program, users are greeted by a utilitarian-oriented layout, reminiscent of File Explorer. The top menu ribbon contains the most essential commands, ranging from being able to quickly undo or redo actions and copying, cutting and pasting files to choosing the size of the file icons inside the folder of choice.

Underneath lies a toolbar with actions, including by default the backward, forward and up one level buttons, along with an address bar and a search or filter input field for quickly finding the desired files in the folder on display. The user can then access a tab bar, replacing the need for multiple file explorer windows opened in the taskbar, upgrading the workflow and saving time instead of having to move the cursor to the bottom of the screen and hover it over a single icon in order to get to the right folder.

Where the interface excels is in the various ways through which the user can customize it to their heart’s content. The aforementioned toolbar’s functions can be extended thanks to the impressively extensive add-on library consisting of a wide variety of buttons, from the basic cut, copy, paste and new tab to the delete button, refresh, filter and tab layout selection tool.

Another strong point of the app is the flawless integration with the operating system. Context menus contain the same options that the default File Explorer possesses, with the option of adding extra functionality pertaining to the app’s dedicated features, such as opening a folder in a new tab. Other options include being able to show a side panel with the Quick Access tree style view, along with Control Panel access using a dedicated button placed in the toolbar.

Tablacus Explorer is one of the best portable alternatives to the default Windows file manager, providing the user with unlimited customization possibilities, tabbed folder views of up to four simultaneous tabs, a comprehensive library of add-ons and strong integration with Windows context menus, fusing together into a useful package for tinkerers and power users.

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