WiGL and Energous Get Closer to Bringing Touchless Wireless Power Transfer Networks to Market

WiGL and Energous Get Closer to Bringing Touchless Wireless Power Transfer Networks to Market

WiGL, a developer of touchless wireless charging for IoT devices, and Energous Corporation a leading developer of RF-based intelligent wireless power networks, announced the next phase of their efforts to commercialize WiGL’s wirelessly powered IoT products. WiGL and Energous have completed the third and final milestone of their partnership to develop and design WiGL’s touchless Wireless Power Transfer (tWPT) product, successfully meeting Federal Communication Commission (FCC) compliance. The WiGL final product is also designed for UL product safety compliance.

The WiGL project was funded by the Air Force Research Lab at the U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) in 2022 and last summer it entered the second phase of a multiyear contract with the U.S. DoD. The solution – in which Energous PowerBridge transmitters provide radio frequency-based (RF) wireless power over distance for WiGL’s tWPT networks – is now fully tested and certified after the recent completion of the product FCC certification. Additionally, Energous has delivered its PowerBridges to WiGL’s integration partner Guinn Partners for full system integration, an important step forward for the joint tWPT solution on its path towards mass production.

“Transitioning products developed for the U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) to civilian markets is very exciting,” said Dr. Ahmad Glover, founder of WiGL. “While WiGL remains focused on delivering next-generation capabilities to the troops, using the Energous wireless power network technology, we see huge opportunities for tWPT for everyone on the planet.”

This WiGL’s Tx network focusing on civilian markets is a large part of the planned product release of the WiGL Wireless charging commercial products. WiGL’s tWPT network powered by Energous delivers a convenient wireless power solution to customers, removing the need for replaceable batteries and charging cables across IoT deployments. Energous’ regulatory expertise was instrumental in addressing requirements and certifications at this crucial step, including RF, EMC and Product Safety, among others.

“Designing and developing cutting-edge wireless power network solutions is the core of what Energous offers and achieving regulatory compliance is a critical step in bringing wirelessly-powered products to market,” said Cesar Johnston, President and CEO of Energous. “Energous PowerBridges deliver wireless power over the air to IoT, reducing downtime, maintenance costs and toxic waste, while increasing range of coverage and overall efficiency. We’re excited to support WiGL’s commercialization in bringing these benefits to more projects aimed at solving a crucial power need for the growing IoT ecosystem.”

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