Best Helldivers 2 loadouts: For Automatons, bugs, solo, Helldive difficulty, and more

If there’s one thing I’ve learned from the 100+ hours of playtime I’ve spent enjoying Helldivers 2, it’s that putting together balanced and well-thought-out loadouts is the single most important thing you’ll need to do before dropping into a mission with your squad. Though you can easily get through low-difficulty levels using whatever you want, harder missions introduce more dangerous, numerous, and well-armored foes that force you to take things like armor penetration and uptime into account.

Since dropping into the game shortly after its launch, I’ve been testing out a wide variety of different loadouts that feature many of Helldivers 2’s top weapons and best stratagems, as well as different armor sets and bonus-providing boosters. Below are the builds I’ve had the most success with in the game’s toughest content, complete with everything you need to know about the weapons, armor, stratagems, and boosters used in each one. I’ve also gone over the playstyle you should try and adopt while using them to maximize their effectiveness.

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