Download Dup Scout Server

Server management is a complicated process, and that’s mainly owing to the scale of everything. Storing data is a big part of a server’s identity, and it’s understandable that the information stored on those drives is of tremendous volume. As such, it’s not uncommon for there to be duplicate files and folders: with so much going on, it’s not out of the ordinary that some things would get written twice

It’s not a big deal to have a few duplicate files, but things are different when it comes to servers. DupScout Server is a tool to consider if you’re managing a server and want to check for duplicates: sort by space usage, categorize everything by extension, draw up charts based on the analyses, and keep your data in check.

There’s no time wasted with niceties here: the installation is quick and worry-free, and upon booting up the program, the user will be asked to provide the scanning location. This can be a specific directory, one or more drives, or the servers and NAS devices on your network. The interface is simplistic, making the functions of the program practically self-explanatory as a result.

Before commencing a scanning operation, users can tweak the file-searching options: file-matching criteria can be added to make the program only look for data according to your parameters, such as having to meet a size threshold, an extension, and so on. Removal actions can also be set in that menu, and the tool is able to automatically compress, delete, and even replace the found duplicates with shortcuts.

After the scanning is done, the program will present you the duplicate elements: everything is neatly grouped in lists, allowing you to quickly sort and go through the data. Sort them by file size, extension, creation time, and other such options, and visualize everything through the Charts functionality.

You can create a pie chart to summarize the space taken by duplicate files, based on their category, extension, size, attributes, and so forth, which is very useful for those who want a visual representation of the scanning results.

If you’re looking to check for duplicate files on your server, you might want to consider DupScout Server. It takes little effort to set up and get running, and you never know how much duplicate data you have until you see it.

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