Download LastPass for Opera

LastPass for Opera is an extension for the popular web browser that you can use to store and manage passwords, usernames and other form information.

Once you install it, the extension creates a new icon in the Opera browser interface which you can use to access all its features, view the vault, fill out forms, generate passwords and create secure notes.

The way you use LastPass for Opera is pretty straightforward. For any website that you have an active account, you are able to add information such as URL , name, group, username and password. This information is then added to a database that is available only to you. In case you need to, the extension allows you to set an entry as a favorite, and whenever you access the website, it can auto login to your account or reprompt you for the password.

LastPass for Opera also offers you support and spares you precious time when it comes to filling out various profile forms or storing the information you used during registration. You can create an identity that comes with predefined personal information and details about your address, contact, credit card, bank account and notes.

The extension also helps you out with passwords by providing an easy way to generate them. Depending on the website or your own personal taste, you can have LastPass for Opera randomly create passwords with up to 100 characters.

A really good thing about LastPass for Opera is that, besides the icon in the browser interface, you can also access all its core features from the browser context menu. This means that when you are on a login page, with a simple right-click you can automatically fill in the required information .

In closing, if you’re looking for a reliable and practical way of storing login credentials and other sensible information that you use while browsing, LastPass for Opera is an extension to consider.

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