Google Maps’ glanceable directions are finally rolling out widely, but a year late

After nearly a year-long delay, Google Maps’ “glanceable directions” feature is finally rolling out to Android and iOS devices worldwide. This long-awaited addition makes your navigation experience more convenient and safer by bringing vital trip information directly to your lock screen.

Google originally announced this feature way back in February 2023, but the rollout took significantly longer than expected. After a few sporadic sightings over the course of last summer, there were no further updates on its development until January 2024, when it was reported that the feature began silently appearing for users everywhere. Now, according to Android Police, this is now rolling out widely.

What are these “Glanceable directions”?

Glanceable directions give you a quick overview of your journey with essential updates like real-time estimated time of arrival (ETA) and turn-by-turn navigation prompts. You can track your progress along the route overview even without starting full-fledged navigation, making it ideal for confirming your route or when you’re in familiar territory. Maps will also automatically adjust your route if you decide to take a detour without any manual intervention needed, ensuring you stay on track even if unexpected changes occur.

Glanceable directions also make navigating less distracting, which means you won’t need to unlock your phone constantly to check your progress. This is particularly beneficial while driving, making your trips safer.

Google Maps on Android settings toggle for “Glanceable directions” | Image via Phone Arena

The feature is present right now in Google Maps version 11.116.0101 from the Google Play Store; however, it is possible that this is a staged rollout, meaning that you may be missing it from your Maps applications until the update reaches your device.

To check if the feature is available to you and to enable it, open Google Maps, tap on your profile icon (top right corner), go to Settings > Navigation Settings, scroll down to find the “Glanceable directions” toggle, and turn it on.

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