Helldivers 2’s Automatons are about to hand the community its first big L — here’s why

Dedicated Helldivers 2 players decisively liberated a handful of planets infested with Terminid bugs during the game’s launch week earlier this month, but Super Earth’s mightiest space marines aren’t faring as well against the ongoing Automaton invasions that began shortly after. In fact, we’re losing — and now, with only six of the eight successful defense campaigns required to fulfill the current Major Order won and only the besieged world of Ingmar left to hold the line on in the operation’s final hours, defeat seems all but certain.

Admittedly, there’s definitely a part of me that’s been curious to find out what happens if the community fails one of the game’s large galaxy-wide campaigns. But to see it happen so soon, even with consistent record-high player counts on the daily, is disappointing.

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