Download Portable Alternate Password DB

Portable Alternate Password DB is an effective and very simple to handle piece of software aimed to provide you with the means of safely keeping sensitive information, be it files, notes or access credentials.

Following the download operation, the archive can be decompressed and you can launch the application right away, without having to install it first.

As a result of Portable Alternate Password DB being a standalone tool, you can store and carry it with you wherever you want, on a removable memory device, for instance USB sticks, having access to your information everywhere you go.

For starters, you will need to create a new password file, which will function as a database, allowing you to store anything you want it in. The file, in APWD format, will be protected by a master password that you define, and you can save it anywhere you want on your computer.

In the database, you can add new keys (username and password, along with a note or comment, should you feel it is necessary). At the same time, Portable Alternate Password DB lets you protect files of any format, just by loading them from your PC, or you can add tables of data.

Moreover, the program comes with a built-in password generator, so whenever you input a new key, you have the possibility of creating and using a strong password of a preferred length, which can comprise numbers, upper and lowercase letters or special characters.

In closing, Portable Alternate Password DB is a useful and reliable utility that you can resort to, should you be concerned with the safety of your access credentials but you do not want to be forced to remember them all; with this tool, you can spare yourself of this task, while also protecting your information from ill-intended individuals.

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