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Although Windows packs a dedicated application for viewing images, it’s rudimentary. Not only does it support very few file formats, but it also lacks options to help you organize your collection. If you happen to have a relatively large collection of images that you like to browse through from time to time, then it is best to search for a dedicated tool.

ACDSee Free is one of the programs worth checking out, as it’s a specialized tool that enables you to view images individually or in a slideshare.

The application comes with a user-friendly interface and you can get started by browsing to the folder where you store your images. As you would expect, the program allows you to view images as a list or with thumbnails. Moreover, you can sort them based on size, name, image type, date taken or modified date, in case you made any edits. The app works with most file formats, including RAW.

It is worth mentioning that the tool allows some basic file management that you can find under the ‘Edit’ menu. More precisely, you can cut, copy, delete, rename as well as copy and move to a dedicated folder. The features can be useful when you are managing a specific batch of images. Speaking of batch, the tool can help you flip and rotate all your images at once with just one click. A further noteworthy feature is the Zoom, as it enables you to closely inspect images and hence, make sure your design or edit is perfect.

You may have noticed that the program includes some powerful tools in the main toolbar. Unfortunately, those features are not proprietary to the tool. To access those editing and management options you will need to acquire one of the ACDSee Photo Studio editions.

ACDSee Free acts as a simple image viewer that could complement and simplify how you view and analyze your creations, regardless of whether you opt for any ACDSee Photo Studio or any other image editor.

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