Download Vita3K

Vita3K is an interesting application at the very beginning of its existence. This PlayStation Vita emulator, the only functional one, if we’re to guide ourselves by what the developer has posted on the program’s website, is an intriguing app to play with if you’ve got the time and are interested in general console to PC ports and software compatibility. While not all games function, as you’d expect with such experimental software, the thrill of experiencing PSVita games on a PC should be enough to convince you to try Vita3K once, at least.

The interface is basic, as you’d expect. The curious factor to take into account here is the number of available options and the similarity to the actual Vita interface. Yes, it might be a basic version of the Vita interface, but details such as the console battery and time, the user icon, and the home button are a few of the details that show the user that a lot of effort was made in all development directions for this app.

Users will need to dump their owned PSVita content, with this app supporting .PKG, .VPK, and .ZIP format. You’ll need to install PSVita firmware in order to gain access to general functionality settings. The controls can be adjusted to one’s liking, and there’s a debug module for the more experienced individuals who’d like to contribute with a little bit of insight during the development stages.

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