Switchers tout single-stage multi-output operation

InnoMux-2 is a family of GaN-based flyback switcher ICs from Power Integrations that offers multiple independently regulated outputs. The switchers consolidate AC/DC and downstream DC/DC conversion stages into a single chip, providing up to three independently regulated outputs or two voltage outputs and a constant current output.

The elimination of separate DC/DC stages not only reduces component count and PCB footprint, but also increases efficiency by as much as 10% compared to conventional two-stage architectures. Efficiency is aided by integrated 750-V GaN transistors, zero-voltage switching, and synchronous rectification.

InnoMux-2 ICs deliver up to 90 W of output power with regulation of better than ±3% across input line, load, and temperature. Total power system efficiency (AC to regulated low-voltage DC) is above 90%. The InnoMux-2 controller also manages light-load power delivery, eliminating the need for preload resistors and reducing no-load consumption to less than 30 mW.

Prices for the InnoMux-2 IMX2174F devices start at $1.11 each in lots of 50,000 units. The parts come in thermally efficient InSOP 24 and InSOP 28 packages.

InnoMux-2 product page

Power Integrations

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