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Most people use their computers as backup for their digital photos, yet they rarely find the time to browse through these images and enjoy them, mostly because they are hard to manage.

Pitara aims to solve this issue by providing you with numerous search modes and duplicate removal.

The first step before getting to enjoy the functions of Pitara is to choose the image folder and allow the app to index your data – depending on the amount of files, this process might take more time to complete, yet it is mandatory to wait until it is finished, and this only happens the first time you index a directory.

Alternatively, you can just set the utility to scan your entire computer for images, then start searching for specific items.

You can start by entering keywords that have been previously associated with your images (they can be filenames or details from the metadata). Next, you can assign new custom keywords so as to speed up future searches.

A nifty function is that you can return to previous searches using a dedicated button, just like you do when using your preferred browser and you want to revisit the previous webpage.

Pitara generates a list with all the keywords it detects in your folders, so you can easily look for relevant pics.

Due to several built-in filters, you can locate the photos you took around a certain month or year, as well as when you attended festivals. Wildcard searches are also supported, along with numerous combinations that you can discover once you start experimenting with the app.

In addition to sorting your photographs according to various criteria, you can also set Pitara to analyze your graphic files and identify duplicate entries, so you can remove them and free up space.

Pitara can help you save time and energy when it comes to quickly finding very specific pictures in an otherwise large collection.

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