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For the longest time, the drive for competition has shaped the way in which humans handle most of their interactions, regardless of the given scenario. Depending on the stakes, some try everything in their power to come out on top, even if the methods are rather unorthodox.

This temptation to cheat can be overpowering in trivial endeavors as well, with the most frequent examples being in online video games. However, when it comes to their single-player counterparts, they can make the experience more palatable against tough AI opponents, which is where Trainers come into play.

While balancing the gameplay of intensely competitive titles is a challenging endeavor, tuning the bot difficulty to ensure players find the combat intense and rewarding without making it seem like a chore is no slouch either.

On one hand, seasoned gamers with more than a decade of experience should have little trouble getting accustomed to the vanilla experience. On the other hand, those who have just started their journey and wish to try out any of the three titles patched by the utilities at hand may find good use in the extra helping hand.

Players mesmerized by the vistas of Dakar 18 can have the speed penalties removed to gain an edge over the AI, regardless of the selected difficulty, in case they encounter difficulties in terms of hitting the brakes on time on multiple occasions.

If Dakar Desert Rally’s vehicle damage mechanics severely hinder your ability to finish races, the impact can be restricted to the cosmetic side only, in an attempt to remove the fear of constantly bumping into the environmental obstacles when figuring out the basics of the game.

Finally, those who have trouble calculating the trajectory of the projectiles in SUPERHOT: MIND CONTROL DELETE’s campaign-focused journey are given the opportunity to disable player damage in order to avoid the interruptions that restarting a level may cause to the experience.

As much as developers try to implement a sort of granularity for the difficulty levels of their project’s gameplay, the community surrounding the title itself may have a better luck accounting for the varied player base, ultimately leading to solutions the likes of Trainers.

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