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The drastic jump in computer’s processing power did not only pave the way for carrying out more complex operations concomitantly, but it also introduced support for custom graphical interfaces within both the operating systems and installed programs.

This change allowed developers to either express themselves by crafting their own design language and layouts or follow the OS’s guidelines for a more coherent user experience founded on familiarity. Regardless of the approach, end-users can maintain a universal color scheme thanks to AeroBlend.

While Linux-based distributions remain the undisputed first choices for those who value in-depth customization, Windows’ solid out-of-the-box support for a variety of popular programs and games is still a priority for many PC users when it comes to work-related or leisurely activities.

As such, for those seeking to get the best of both worlds, third-party utilities the likes of AeroBlend coupled with a wallpaper-changing app can keep a congruence between the system’s accent color and the desktop background without having to determine what hue fits best.

As on-point as the automatic predominant color-picker can be, if you spy a slightly different hue that better suits the interface elements affected by the accent color, the app also lets you manually select other shades from the screen with pixel-perfect accuracy.

On top of that, the tint may also be updated from the active application’s icon or contents, in case the foreground program has a distinct theme. Users with multi-monitor setups are at an advantage, given the app’s support for picking the desired color from any connected display.

Taking into consideration the features provided by AeroBlend sans hefty licensing fees, it may be an excellent companion to your existing automatic wallpaper changing utility that lacks the aforementioned functionalities.

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