Download Happytime Media Pusher

Broadcasting and streaming have benefitted a lot from the introduction of protocols such as the Secure Reliable Transport (SRT), which basically enabled users to perform broadcasting and streaming on the Internet with low latency. The packet transmission mechanism behind the SRT protocol was designed in order to ensure that no packet loss occurs and that the bandwidth fluctuations are kept to a minimum. A good example of a pusher software is Happytime Media Pusher.

This application was designed specifically in order to provide users with a dedicated solution for performing pushing operations for a variety of data, which includes local media files, local image files, as well as a number of data sources, such as audio or video devices and live screen and third-party applications.

The main working principle behind the application relies on the parametrization of the required factors by adjusting the corresponding configuration files. This way, aspects such as resolution, frame rate, audio sampling rate, channels, and more, can be adjusted.

Multiple pushers are supported simultaneously and both RTMP and RTSP streams are supported. The application is being deployed as a portable package, just like many other apps from Happytimesoft, meaning that users will be able to keep it on their preferred removable devices.

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