Download BitRecover Email Duplicate Remover Wizard

Digital mailboxes, much like physical ones, can get overcrowded and make working with them a little tougher than it should be. In the digital world, it’s not uncommon to come across duplicate files, which are all but redundant in a mailbox and thus have no real purpose.

A software solution to help users deal with duplicate mails like such comes in the form of BitRecover Email Duplicate Remover Wizard. It’s a tool that will find duplicate emails and dispose of them, supporting all manner of cloud services, as well as custom IMAP servers.

The program features support for numerous cloud-based email services, from more widely-used ones like GMail, Hotmail, Proton Mail, and so on, to lesser-known ones to the general public. Custom IMAP servers are supported.

In any case, upon authenticating with the relevant credentials, the tool will retrieve your mailbox folders. Select the ones you wish to work with, and click the Remove button to start the duplicates removal process.

Before going ahead with the removal process, it’s best to take a look at the Filter Options interface. From there, users will be able to fine-tune the process to their needs: set a preferred date range, filter based on the mail’s subject or recipient, and use selective fields when checking for duplicates. The program can look through a mail’s body, subject, attachments, time, and so on, to spot if it’s a duplicate.

It’s worth noting that the Free version of the program is quite restrictive. It’ll only look through the first 20 emails to check for duplicates, which will hardly do anything. As such, users will require a license to take advantage of the software fully.

BitRecover Email Duplicates Remover Wizard will find any duplicate emails and remove them for you.

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