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Committing one’s thoughts to a journal, though not for everyone, can make for a great way to unwind, ponder, and look back on things. Some even consider this a form of meditation, as noting down what’s happening in their lives can feel therapeutic. Jotting all of that down in a physical journal can have that effect on people, but what of digital ones?

Using a digital journal can make for an interesting experience, especially when they require the user to operate a digital pen. That’s essentially how Microsoft Journal works: it’s a simple little app that seeks to provide users with an environment where they can populate their digital journal with all sorts of doodles, images, and more.

To start off, it’s worth pointing out that users will not be able to type any text through their keyboard. Instead, users will have to rely on their digital pen: be it writing or doodling, both of these operations will be completed via the pen tool.

While the idea of doodling with your mouse sounds interesting, some users might find it needlessly cumbersome. This is why this tool is best used with a touchscreen display: having a supported pen to use on that display will further improve your experience.

You can create as many journals as you want, and it’s also possible to introduce images, and even PDF documents into your work. This way, annotating images and documents becomes just as easy, as they’ll become a part of your journal, if you will.

In terms of configuration, there’s a degree of customization to your digital pen. Change its thickness and color, use the marker, and utilize the ruler to be more precise in your scribbles. Those working on a touchscreen display have a few more options to consider in the Settings menu, where they’ll be able to change pen and pencil pressure, and so on.

For users interested in journaling their doodles, so to say, Microsoft Journal is a solid, intuitive app. Those without a touchscreen display and pen may find the experience a bit lacking, however.

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