This crazy (and unlikely) Overwatch 2 collaboration will finally get to me play the game

What you need to know

  • Blizzard has revealed a wild collaboration with Porsche set to land in Overwatch 2 season 10. 
  • Based on the all-electric Porsche Macan, a new D.Va mech will be landing in the game in the next season. 
  • Of course, there’s also a life-sized version. 

I play basically no PvP shooters anymore, despite a history playing the likes of Call of Duty and Overwatch. But, in the case of the latter, if there’s a way to make me do my best Meerkat impression, it’s teaming up with one of the world’s best car brands. 

Revealed today, Blizzard is teaming up with legendary German automaker, Porsche, to drop a collaboration into season 10 of Overwatch 2. I may not care much for PvP shooters anymore, but I’ll always care for cars. If you put something car related into your game, I’m listening. 

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