Download Fall Guys Stats

If you’ve crossed paths with Epic Games, its client, or in any other version or form, you’ve most likely learned about Fall Guys, a fun Free-To-Play game that puts you in charge of a funny-colored bean and allows you to race your character against plenty of others online. As you accrue points and experience, you will start to lose track of your statistics, which is why an application such as Fall Guys Stats could come in handy big time.

There is nothing more inspiring than a breath of fresh air in terms of design, even if it’s just the icon sometimes. In this case, it is more than that. The app seems modern, well-organized, and ready to log information for you to get a better view of your position within the game’s hierarchy.

Displayed information includes the number of times you have played a certain track, the number of medals, gold, silver, and bronze, you’ve gathered on that track, your fastest and longest time spent completing it, and the average between the two.

The application, as with most today, also includes some extra side functions which are tied to the game but not to the score keeping idea. You can directly check the Today’s Show! section as well as launch the game itself. You could say this program doubles as a Fall Guys launcher too. The settings area allows one to deal with the game linking aspect, overlay system, general display options, and the launcher part of the app.

Fall Guys Stats is a program dedicated to avid Fall Guys players who want to keep better track of their achievements within the game. It can also prove a great way to create a strategy, observing your strong and weak points in the process.

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