Download TCC-RT

TCC-RT is the cost-free runtime version of Take Command Console (TCC), also included in Take Command. With its help, you can run batch files (BAT, CMD, and BTM) without having to own a license of the aforementioned apps on each of your computers. However, at least one valid license is required to be able to create and debug scripts.

With TCC-RT installed, you will be able to encrypt and write scripts that can be distributed on other machines. The TCC language adds several new commands you can use aside from the default command set in the Windows console. In other words, with TCC-RT installed, you get an enhanced command-line processor with a plethora of new commands you can use.

Please note that since it can be deployed without a licensed TCC installation, the runtime edition does not support all the TCC commands. The invalid commands have no effect, without returning an error.

There are a few features that TCC-RT does not support, including interactive console input and editing, command dialogs, and some aliases. Even so, this package brings to the table other handy features, such as internal compression and extraction commands for archives, FTP, TFTP and HTTP support with file management commands, support for various scripting languages (Perl, Lua, REXX, Python, Tcl/tk). Moreover, its functionality can be extended even further using plugins.

Once you get familiar with the new functions and commands, you are bound to become more productive. The new entries include conditional commands (IF-Then-Else), loops (DO and FOR), SWITCH  commands, subroutines, and much more, which you will have to discover for yourself.

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