GTA 6 – Live updates as more game footage leaked online

Grand Theft Auto 6 is fast becoming the most highly-anticipated game of all time – and it’s still at least 10 months before it’s released.

Since Rockstar Games posted the trailer for it in early December, after it was leaked online, social media has been a hotbed for leaks, rumours and theories about when exactly the game will be released, when further details such as trailers will be announced, what will be in the game itself and loads more.

It’s no surprise really given that Grand Theft Auto 5 was widely recognised as the best game of the last decade – it came out in 2013 and is still popular with gamers today as Rockstar continues to release GTA Online updates.

With GTA 6, all that’s been confirmed so far by Rockstar is what’s in the trailer, including that the game is to be released at some point in 2025.

But gamers are aching to find out as much as they can about the game as the developer seemingly continues to build anticipation to what will be one of the biggest gaming moments in history.

One key theory is that Rockstar may have narrowed down when exactly GTA 6 will be released in 2025, recently advertising for a 12-month fixed-term position.

A responsibility in that listing uses the phrase ‘final product’ which has led to speculation it could be released within that 12 month timeframe.

Below is a roundup of some of the most recent leaks, rumours and theories, and this will continue to be updated, so keep checking back for the latest.

‘Functioning gas stations’ spotted in trailer

Could functioning gas stations be in GTA 6?

Rockstar Games

A Reddit user has spotted gas stations being used in the background of a scene in the GTA 6 trailer.

When CCTV captures footage of an alligator going into a shop, user Feltzzz__ noticed in the background just outside that two cars are stopped and there’s someone near the truck.

In the post, Feltzzz__ said: “If I’m not mistaken in GTA 5 people would park their cars right next to a pump too, but they would just walk away and stand near a grocery store or a vending machine.”

It’s led to speculation if cars that can be driven in the game can run out of fuel like in the first two games of the Mafia series.

Comments on the post include ‘RDR2 (Red Dead Redemption 2) made you feed, brush your horses, maybe we can finally run out of gas in GTA 6‘, ‘I’d like it, but as long as it’s not tedious like it it runs out too fast, etc I like that planning would have to go into travel, chases, etc’ and ‘I hope not, I’d hate to lose a car I like because I forgot to put gas in it’.

Trailer passes 180m views

The GTA 6 trailer has now passed 180m views.

When it dropped in December, it smashed a YouTube record for the most amount of views in the first 24 hours for a non-music video despite it being leaked ahead of its scheduled release.

It got 93m views in that period on YouTube alone, and has now almost double that to smash the 180m view mark.

It seems the trailer is still getting more than a million views every week.

Hope for GTA 6 ‘docks’ mission

A screenshot from the GTA 6 trailer

Rockstar Games

A Reddit user has posted a screenshot from the GTA 6 trailer in its Subreddit and hopes there will be a ‘docks’ mission in the game.

There are a number of missions that take place in dockyards across the Grand Theft Auto series and user DemiPyramid says ‘those are the best types of missions’.

The screenshot posted is of a speedboat being driven with what looks like a dockyard in the background at around 23 seconds into the trailer.

Comments include ‘the docks should be in more missions’, ‘would be cool if Lucia is stowed away in a shipping container and Jason acting as a crew member lifts the container on to the boat where later on Lucia does a stealth mission on the boat at sea trying to obtain something’ and ‘I can’t wait to use that crane’.

Will Prison Break star play lead GTA 6 role?

A Reddit user thinks one of the main characters in GTA 6 will be played by a star from the hit TV show Prison Break.

The-ThirdEye has posted images and audio clips comparing Jason from the GTA 6 trailer and Dominic Purcell’s character of Lincoln Burrows.

The user says this is their ‘best guess’ and some users agreed it could well be him.

Comments include ‘Jason looks like a younger version of him’, ‘that’s either spot on or a really good guess’ and ‘yoooo I did not see this Lincoln guess coming but i see it bro’.

Trailer frame discussion

A Reddit user has posted a screenshot from the trailer that’s got people speculating what it could mean.

It’s from very early on in the trailer, when Lucia can be seen in orange prison uniform and the still image shows what looks like a number of other prisoners out in the courtyard in the background.

It’s led to a number of comments from different users.

Tank-TOP_Master said: “Mindblowing graphics.”

v0yev0da said: “Scenes like this – feint shadows from that cross thatching, distorted image through your glass, those slight god rays in the top right corner of the window – all lead me to believe we’ll need a (PS5) Pro to fully enjoy this game at trailer-quality settings.”

Denso95, the original poster, said: “I also hope for a bit of prison time during gameplay. Being able to play her last few days in prison as some kind of intro and anticipation area, then escaping into the freedom of Vice City would be super cool.”

‘No fear’ GTA 6 will be delayed

A Reddit user says they have ‘no fear’ about any potential GTA 6 delays after another user shared an update from Rockstar’s website.

A new GTA 6 banner on the developer’s site is the promo picture for the game, showing Jason and Lucia sitting on the hood of a car.

It also includes the Grand Theft Auto logo and release year of 2025 either side.

That seemingly means the game is on track to release in the year advertised in the first trailer.

Admirable-Pirate-622 said: “They’re probably super confident about 2025 being the release year. They didn’t have to put it on there. That’s why I have no fear that if could get delayed.”

Other comments include ‘I like the font not being outlined, looks sick’ and ‘everything looks so clean’.

Theory could reveal main character ‘curveball’

A Reddit user has come up with a theory on one of the main characters featured in the GTA 6 trailer that’s got a lot of people talking.

There is a brief scene when Jason follows Lucia through a store, seemingly about to rob it together as both have balaclavas on and are walking with intent.

Reddit user _RealityBoat has come up with a ‘hot take’ that Jason might actually be the “loose cannon in this story and Lucia is the (relatively) calm level headed protagonist” – based on a quick look he gives to Lucia during this scene.

Read the full story here.

Trailer recreated perfectly in Minecraft

This is a fun one – an animator and content creator channel has given the GTA 6 trailer a Minecraftmakeover.

Boranium Art gives renowned clips a makeover in the game using its unique art style, and has also previously created restyled videos of Oppenheimer, The Last Of Us and Red Dead Redemption 2.

The latest video to get the makeover is the GTA 6 trailer, which has been recreated shot-for-shot and it’s gone down incredibly well with viewers, proving a hit in the comments.

Read the full story here.

Will car plates have different looks and areas on them?

A Reddit user has posted a picture of a number of different styles of car license plates from past GTA games with the caption: “Will there be outstate cars with different plates with different “STATE NAMES?”

It’s got people talking on the social media platform.

WeeklySavings said: “It’d be cool references to past games with those cities. They shouldn’t overdo it though.”

Dizzy25 said: “Trailer 1 has confirmed license plate variants based on old school and new “Orange Blossom” Florida plates.”

Pre-order price from third-party reseller

A third-party reseller is selling a ‘game key’ for GTA 6 for just under £80.

A ‘game key’ is basically a voucher that allows a product to be accessed digitally.

Gamivo has a listing for €92.98, or £79.18, for a pre-order for the game, although it doesn’t specify for which console.

It has a warning on it too, which says: “This is a PRE-ORDER, the key will be delivered upon the game’s release date: 2025.

“Pre-order bonuses might not be included.

“This is NOT a Steam version of the game. The GTA 6 activation CD key code should be activated on Rockstar Social Club.”

G2A had keys available for GTA 6 on Xbox Series X/S but the site says these are now out of stock.

It’s be best to wait until the game is actually made available for pre-order though, as an official release date isn’t even yet known.

Who was first celebrity collaborator?

Finishing off on musicians for now, actor and musician T-Pain was the first to announce he was working with Rockstar on the GTA 6 project.

During a livestream, the rapper revealed he could no longer be in the GTA 5 roleplay communities he was a part of and had to completely stop at the request of Rockstar Games.

“I used to be on NoPixel, then I started working on GTA 6, and they told me I couldn’t do RP anymore because it kind of goes against…” T-Pain said.

Read the full story here.

American rapper teased possible GTA appearance

Schoolboy Q teases possible GTA 6 appearanceSchoolboy Q teases possible GTA 6 appearance

Sticking with soundtrack speculation, the latest came from American rapper Schoolboy Q.

When asked by a fan to ‘drop some heat for GTA 6 radio’ on X / Twitter, he quoted the post and commented: “Ima be on tHere don’t even trip.”

It’s not clear what Schoolboy Q’s involvement would be in the game, whether he would appear on one of the in-game radio stations or even make an appearance as a character.

Read the full story here.

Soundtrack leak appeared on Spotify

Let’s take a look through some of the other recent leaks, rumours and theories that have been doing the rounds, starting with what could be in GTA 6’s soundtrack.

Anita Ward’s artist picture was the GTA 6 logo, which has since been reverted – it was previously the banner.

She’s best known for Ring My Bell, with four different versions of the track among her top five most popular, with variations of the track being listened to more than 80m times.

Read the full story here.

Gamers share what they want to see in second trailer

While a second trailer for GTA 6 has not yet been confirmed by Rockstar, or any other details apart from what’s in the first trailer at present, gamers have been sharing what they want to see in it if it does drop.

Riyaan_Sheikh, the original poster, said: “For me, I want to see more of Jason’s side. We know so little about him.”

Trainalf said: “I’m basing my expectations off the second trailers for (GTA)IV and V: More action, more scenes taken directly from missions, and more character dialogue that lets us in more on the plot.

“First one is the only one I’m not sure about; Trailer 1 had a pretty wild atmosphere to it.”

Skindiamondxx said: “More of the northern part of the map, since we know almost nothing about it, and more Jason.”

LoadingYourData said: “I wanna see and hear a bit more about Jason, but also I wanna see some cool explosions like we see in the GTA V trailer 2, I’m interested to see how far they’ve come.”

Other comments include ‘more dialogues and communication between main and minor characters’, ‘to see a bit more of the map’ and ‘gameplay’.

Gameplay – gyms coming to GTA 6?

Reddit user starvsthebans has posted screenshots of what appears to be a document of a ‘world event list’ with the mention of gyms throughout.

Four screenshots show the inclusion of ‘South Beach Gym’, ‘MultiGym’, ‘Ds09Apt1Gym’ and ‘Dealership Repo – #3am – Gym’.

In the post, starvsthebans said: “Don’t know if this has been pointed out yet and I’m late to the party but just food for thought I guess.”

It’s got people talking in the comments.

manlike_omzz said: “Hope it isn’t cut. (GTA) 5 was supposed to have gyms too but got cut, now they’re just for decor.”

DutchBru1n said: “In order to keep Jason and Lucia in shape we’ll all be doing exercises similar to yoga in (GTA) V.”

Different-Kinda-Kiwi said: “Considering San Andreas had a pretty good body mass/muscle/strength system I hope it makes a return, I remember spending lots of time making CJ fat then running and fighting it all off and becoming a 1 punch man.”

Nawnp said: “Keep in mind GTA 5 had gym scenes on the beach that you couldn’t interact with, but it’s more than likely they’ll bring back a mix of GTA: SA & RDR2 (Red Dead Redemption 2) mechanics to allow for gyms again in GTA 6.”

Soundtrack: Everything we know so far, predictions and theories

GTA 6 soundtrack: What can we expect?

Logo from Rockstar Games

Music is such an integral part of the Grand Theft Auto series that real-life radio hosts and music producers present in-game stations, real-life DJs can be hired to play in nightclubs with specially curated sets and even debuted high-profile releases in the game, such as world-famous hip-hop producer Dr Dre launching an EP on GTA Online before it could be streamed anywhere else.

With hundreds of songs featuring on the most recent game GTA 5, and hundreds more being released through GTA Online since, what could be included in the soundtrack to GTA 6?

Read the full story here.

Trailer video link ID release date hint?

On the GTA 6 Subreddit, a user has posted a screenshot of the video ID for the trailer on Rockstar’s website.

It says it’s ‘666666’.

And one user’s comment has got a lot of people talking.

traveler_overweening added up the numbers to 36, split them and then hinted at a release date of 3/6, with users debating if that would mean March 6 or June 3.

Comments on that include ‘lol why do I believe this’ and ‘I sure hope so’.

Others questioned the theory.

New PlayStation console will ‘likely’ drop with GTA 6 release

Grand Theft Auto 6 is ‘likely’ to be playable on a brand new console that is expected to be out before the highly-anticipated game’s release.

Analysts told CNBC that the new PS5 Pro console is ‘likely’ to be out towards the end of 2024, in advance of GTA 6 being released next year.

It comes as Sony has cut forecast sales of its flagship console, with this seemingly an effort to boost interest in its PlayStation product as the most up-to-date console to play the new GTA 6 game on, which is expected to smash all kinds of sales records for a video game itself.

Read the full story here.

GTA 6 leaks show exciting minigame & new trailer date

X / Twitter user @GTAVI_Countdown speculates the latest announcement from Rockstar Games could be in May, which might include a trailer, but also says it could include screenshots and details of a release date instead.

A Reddit user who correctly predicted the song of the first trailer is said to have also revealed gameplay features too, such as 3v3 basketball, dual wielding weapons, gore and dismemberment, different colour sunsets for Miami (where the game is based), it will be harder to carjack, the gameplay in the trailer is from an old build and no-one will know what the real map looks like until it comes out.

Read the full story here.

GTA 6 fans find Bonnie and Clyde link in second trailer ‘release date’

A composite image of the GTA 6 logo and Bonnie and ClydeLogo, Rockstar Games

A link has been made between the release date for the expected second Grand Theft Auto 6 trailer and a key Bonnie and Clyde anniversary.

Bonnie and Clyde were American bandits who travelled across the US with their gang during the Great Depression.

A lot of fans have likened Lucia and Jason, the two main characters portrayed in the GTA 6 trailer, to that of Bonnie and Clyde.

Read the full story here.

GTA 6 release date ‘leaked’ by Rockstar Games job ad

A job ad posted by Grand Theft Auto developer Rockstar Games appears to have narrowed down the release date for GTA 6.

The games developer posted a job ad for a Localisation Tester – Russian on a 12-month fixed-term contract.

Reddit user TwistLT breaks down what it means.

Read the full story here.

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