They fly now: Helldivers 2 patch stealthily adds flying Shrieker bugs

What you need to know

  • Earlier today, Helldivers 2 got a new patch that nerfed Charger and Bile Titan spawn rates while also reducing the amount of health Charger heads have.
  • However, players have discovered an undocumented addition it brought: new flying Shrieker Terminid bugs that dive players from above and attempt to cut them to pieces.
  • Shriekers, like Stalkers, aren’t encountered in every mission. You’ll only fight them when the map you’re on has one of their nests — mushroom-shaped structures similar to Spore Towers — as a destructible side objective.
  • Shriekers are nimble, but have low health, so taking automatic weapons and automated drones and sentries into battle against them is a good idea.

Arrowhead Game Studios’ red-hot PvE co-op shooter Helldivers 2 got a new patch today, and overall, it’s made the fight against the Terminid bugs a bit easier. While weaker units now swarm players in greater numbers, tanky elite units like Chargers and Bile Titans spawn less frequently, and the former can now even be instantly killed with a rocket launcher shot to the head. In the hours after the update’s release, though, players have slowly started to realized that it’s not all good news.

You see, while the patch notes made the nerfs to the bugs clear, they failed to mention that there’s now a new type of Terminid on — or should I say above? — the battlefield: Shriekers. With high-pitched screeches that give them their name, these large bat-like creatures divebomb players from above and attempt to slash them apart with their razor-sharp talons.

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