Singaporean chiplet specialist plans new fabrication site in Italy

Silicon Box, an advanced packaging upstart focused on chiplets, is moving to Italy after setting up a $2 billion packaging facility in Singapore in July 2023. The chiplet specialist has announced to set up another manufacturing facility in Northern Italy to cater to Europe’s existing and planned wafer fabrication clusters in France, Germany, and Italy.

While fabs like TSMC and Samsung Foundry as well as OSATs such as Amkor and ASE Technology are eying opportunities in chiplets business amid their expertise in advanced packaging technologies, what makes Silicon Box prominent is its sole focus on chiplet fabrication and packaging.

For a start, Silicon Box claims to bring effective chiplet integration capabilities through its Singapore site. It’s important to note that while the Singapore-based firm specializes in advanced packaging technologies like other OSATs, it uses panel packaging instead of standard wafer approach. The panel-level production leads to higher yield and is tailored for chiplet interconnects.

In other words, Silicon Box’s advanced packaging capabilities are not limited to chiplet integration; the company employs advanced interconnection through proprietary, large-format manufacturing. So, its standardized packaging process facilitates the shortest chiplet-to-chiplet interconnection with better thermal and electrical performance.

The new chiplet production facility in Italy plans to replicate Silicon Box’s foundry in Singapore.

Silicon Box’s next hop to Italy shows that the upstart founded by Marvell co-founders in 2021 is confident in the growing demand for chiplets and their manufacturing capacity. The firm plans to invest $3.6 billion in this new chiplet manufacturing facility in Northern Italy while creating approximately 1,600 semiconductor jobs.

Moreover, a close collaboration with European fabs will boost resilience and cost efficiency for the brand-new chiplet supply chain. A new chiplet packaging facility in Europe also bodes well for the ecosystem that is still in its infancy and needs more focused efforts to make chiplet production viable.

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