Sky-Watcher 200P EQ5 telescope review

The Sky-Watcher 200P EQ5 telescope is an impressive optical instrument. In terms of budget and optical build, this telescope provides sharp, contrasted details of our open window to the universe. Being ‘the next step-up,’ this telescope requires more astronomical knowledge from conventional ‘go-to’ telescopes due to the equatorial mount which involves knowledge of right-ascension and declination.

This telescope is recommended for anyone wishing to get a closer view of the universe within the affordable price range. With quality optics, expect to see quality views of the planets, deep-sky objects and celestial visitors. For this review, the 8-inch version with the EQ5 mount was tested.   

 Sky-Watcher 200P 8-inch EQ5 telescope review

Sky-Watcher 200P 8-inch EQ5: Design

Sky-Watcher 200P 8-inch EQ5 telescope review photo

The Sky-Watcher 200P 8-inch EQ5 telescope has 77% more light-gathering ability when compared to its 6-inch counterpart. (Image credit: Josh Dury)
  • Very sturdy equatorial mount
  • 77% more Light Gathering compared to the 6-inch (150mm) counterpart
  • Heavy, so not great for portability

Sky-Watcher 200P 8-inch EQ5 Specifications

Optical design: Newtonian Reflector

Mount: EQ5 Equatorial German Mount

Focal length: 1000mm

Aperture: 8-inches (203.2mm)

Payload capacity: 20 lb (9.07 kg)

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