‘Constellation’ season 1 episode 6 review: Haunted houses and new perspectives

“Constellation” is back up this week with a strong sixth episode that expands the show’s borders once again and, more importantly, recovers the hard-hitting drama we missed in episode 5. It’s not about making things more complex, but about switching viewpoints and beginning to answer questions before it’s too late.

The series now switches director to Joseph Cedar (“Our Boys”), who recaptures – and even amplifies – the creepiest bits of the premiere. He manages to create a consistent ‘haunted house’ feeling that’s hard to shake off throughout the episode. ‘Paul is Dead’ is the kind of ‘middle of the journey’ chapter that radically changes our understanding of the story and focuses on a different main character to mix things up and set a new course. Moreover, William Catlett (playing Paul Lancaster) gives us the strongest performance of the show so far.

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