Microsoft thinks stuffing Bing ads into Google Chrome is offering its customers ‘choice,’ except it really isn’t that

What you need to know

  • Microsoft finds itself at the heart of more controversy with Windows users reporting ads popping up inside Google Chrome for Bing and Copilot AI. 
  • Some were concerned it was actually malware, but Microsoft has since confirmed it is deliberate and intended behavior. 
  • This isn’t the first time Microsoft has hit the headlines for interfering with Google Chrome, with a recent issue concerning Edge hijacking Chrome data. 
  • Please, just stop it, Microsoft.  

Oh, Microsoft, what are you up to this time? Windows users have been taking to the web in places such as Reddit to report sketchy looking ads for Bing search and AI inside their Google Chrome browser. The first concern for many is that it was actually malware. 

Alas, it is not. 

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