Download Turn Signal Settings

If you like Grand Theft Auto V or GTA in general for its simulator parts, then you’ll love Turn Signal Settings which already implies you have the mod associated with it. How does it work?

Well, it simply assigns keyboard buttons, and hotkeys if you will for dealing with various turn-based signals your in-game care can issue. It’s great to add an interface to fine-tune the options the turn signal mod adds to the user’s table.

After installing the prerequisites, in this case, the video game mod dealing with turn signals, you will edit or create a .INI file that contains indications for the software component you’ve just added to your video game.

The program is friendly and this is exactly why I found it to be of great help for all users who might not have as much computer knowledge as needed but compensate with heart and curiosity.

The program has a basic interface that ultimately deals with assigning a specific keyboard key for each particular action one can execute with the blinking lights on a GTA V video game vehicle. You can control in other words the left, right, and hazard lights. You can also restore the original state of the keys to the original setup.

The program also displays the virtual key codes or bindings which might be useful for a user who wants to further develop the mod and create their approach or an improved version. Don’t forget to save the file once it has been created and replace it in the installation folder of the video game.

Turn Signal Settings is the best option for those users who love GTA V and want to make it feel more like a simulator. Yes, you must be an individual who obeys in-game red signals and rather enjoys role-playing with friends instead of shooting and running around without a real plan.

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