Sharing passes between Google Wallet and Apple devices could soon get a lot easier

Both Google and Apple have been hard at work for years to empty out your pockets and integrate those things into your phone. Last year, Google Wallet rolled out link-based pass sharing that lets users swap contactless credentials stored in the app, including digital event tickets and travel passes, with other people. Unfortunately, the process was a bit more convoluted when transferring passes between Android and iOS—something that’s likely to change soon thanks to a new feature. 

That’s according to Android expert Mishaal Rahman, who posted on X this week that Google is integrating support for .pkpass files on the Google Wallet app. Apple uses this file format for passes stored in its own Wallet app on the best iPhones. While Rahman said the feature isn’t live for him yet, a Telegram user known as Cob notified him of the feature and shared a video of it in action. 

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