Download PaintTool SAI

PaintTool SAI is so much more than a simple painting tool. This program is a careful mix between Photoshop-like apps and your average MS Paint program, rendering a very interesting mix of high-power and friendly tools that ultimately can be used to bring out the best in any image you have with you.

Working with it is as simple as launching the app and loading your image for editing. From that point, it is all up to you.

Just like with other image-editing programs, you can very easily access certain tools you often use via hotkeys. The support for hotkeys in this case is very helpful, seeing as what one does with the app needs to be fast and reliable. Each particular section has its hotkey, be it the Edit, Canvas, Layer, or Filter section.

The added tools are powerful and well-distributed in the somewhat crowded interface. You get layer panes and color selection tools, but the most important area is your canvas, of course, where all the magic happens. You can load most image file formats and the app will respond immediately with a simple result.

I am not an individual who requires lots of tools with such apps, but even for me, it was a pleasant surprise to see the number of pencils, brushes, watercolor effects, and legacy pens or erasers.

The app simply makes it obvious it was designed to offer the best palette of tools for easy and successful image transformations. All that is left to do is find your inner artist and fill yourself with that spirit.

PaintTool SAI is an application any user can work with. It does not differentiate between average and power users and offers the same options and changes to both categories. The end result will vary depending on your experience, but the tools remain the same no matter what.

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