Edge AI/ML models team with Arm Keil MDK

Embedded developers can deploy AI and ML models developed on Edge Impulse’s platform directly in Arm’s Keil microcontroller development kit (MDK). The partnership between the two companies makes it easier for engineers to collaborate with other cross-disciplinary teams to build edge AI products and bring them to market.

Keil MDK is a widely deployed software development suite used to create, build, and debug embedded applications for Arm-based microcontrollers. The Edge Impulse integration brings the company’s edge AI tools directly to the Keil ecosystem via the Common Microcontroller Software Interface Standard (CMSIS). Models developed in Edge Impulse Studio can be deployed as an Open-CMSIS Pack and imported into any Arm Keil MDK project.

Developers can improve the performance of their applications by combining Edge Impulse’s Edge Optimized Neural (EON) compiler with Arm’s latest compiler. According to Edge Impulse, the EON compiler runs models with up to 70% less RAM usage and up to 40% less flash usage. This is in addition to the savings achieved with the Arm compiler.

To get started with the Edge Impulse CMSIS Pack for the Arm Keil MDK, click here. Read more about the Arm Keil integration on the Edge Impulse blog.

Edge Impulse

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