Download Flexmonster Pivot Table & Charts component

In the eventuality that you are processing large amounts of data and would like to be to sort the information easier, then one alternative to consider for is pivot tables. Not only do they provide you with an intuitive spreadsheet design display, but they also enable you to compare the information in seconds, find patterns and create reports efficiently.

Flexmonster Pivot Table & Charts is a component specially designed for visualizing complex business data in real time. Written in JavaScript, the utility does not need extra plugins and is not limited by the type of server you are running. In fact, it is designed to integrate easily with most development frameworks available today and works seamlessly with most browsers on iOS, Windows, Android, Mac and Linux.

It is worth mentioning that adding this component to the website or web-based application you are compiling enables them to handle massive data sets, including OLAP cubes. Moreover, while it is compatible with most database related formats, the developing team is working to expand the support to as many data sources as possible.

If you are not a big fan of the one-size-fits-all approach, then you will be happy to learn that the component comes with an extensive API that you can further customize so that you only add the features required for your business operations.

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