Helldivers 2 devs say to forget about bugs and Malevelon Creek during the Major Order to liberate Tibit

What you need to know

  • The latest Major Order in Helldivers 2’s Galactic War metagame tasks players with liberating the planet Tibit from the Automatons, but they’ve struggled to open a front on the world due to a lack of focus and coordination.
  • The community in general has been indecisive about where it wants to attack and/or defend, and a large portion of the player base has chosen to fight bugs or on Malevelon Creek instead of planets important to the Major Order.
  • Developer Arrowhead has indirectly told players they should focus on critical worlds like Draupnir if they want to successfully take Tibit before the campaign expires in a day and a half.
  • Overall, it seems like most players prefer playing Terminid bug missions, and many who do like fighting Automatons are committed to capturing Malevelon Creek before going anywhere else — even if that means the community may lose this Major Order as a result.

The latest Major Order in the Galactic War metagame of Arrowhead Game Studios’ co-op PvE shooter Helldivers 2 is well underway, but with just under a day and a half left to finish it, fans are struggling to accomplish its objective due to a lack of coordination.

The operation requires players to liberate the Automaton-controlled planet of Tibit, but to open a front there, the world of Ubanea needs to be taken as well. As Helldivers moved to invade it, though, the planet Draupnir that was keeping supply lines to Ubanea open was attacked by the robot menace — and since the community  was ultimately split between capturing Ubanea, defending Draupnir, and fighting elsewhere, there weren’t enough space marines on either world to complete any objectives. As a result, the worst case scenario happened on Friday afternoon: Draupnir fell, cutting off the Ubanea liberation campaign at 95% progress just hours before it would’ve been successful.

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