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When it comes to recording your best gaming moments, it’s best to be proactive and prepare ahead, using a tool that can capture your gameplay at a moment’s notice. Though official GPU software now comes with built-in recording features, users who are looking for a more dedicated tool can nevertheless take their pick for something more to their liking.

Insights Capture is an app for gamers. It’s been designed to offer users a toolset with which they can record their in-game footage, bookmark their most important plays, jot down anything of note during gameplay, and review their plays afterwards.

This is a program that was designed to help users record their in-game footage, as well as offer them quick access to their plays. To do so, the software provides you with several tools to navigate this process more efficiently: the overlay that appears while recording is more than just a length indicator, and the ability to go over all of your plays, all under one interface, is very convenient.

The program will begin recording right after starting a match, but you can tweak this in Settings however you like. Change the video encoder, select your preferred resolution, framerate, and bitrate, and enable instant replay. Settings can be changed on a per-game basis, so you can get as particular as you want.

While looking over the shortcuts would serve you well, the tool also features an Auto Highlight function. This works to automatically capture important moments in your gameplay, automatically bookmarking them for later.

As stated earlier, the overlay that appears while recording can be used for a variety of things. For one, it can be used as a note-taking tool of sorts, where users will be able to jot down their objectives for the current match, or anything that’s on their mind.

The possibility to bookmark an in-game moment during recording is just as notable. This can help later, when revising your gameplay after the match. Comment labels can also be attached, which can be especially useful for eSports game coaching, or anything, really.

When you’re finished with your game, you can go to the interface and revise your plays. See your bookmarks, note stuff down in the Notepad, and clip any moments of note.

Insights Capture seems like a tool that was built for gameplay self-improvement and coaching purposes, as it lends its feature set especially well to eSports titles.

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