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Nessus was created for individuals who have to deal with network vulnerabilities and issues daily. The program itself is a scanner that was created to help one improve and fix the detected issues. One might say this application is both used in detection and prevention.

The interface is friendly and the options one has are pretty clear from the get-go.

I’d be tempted to ask what I can’t do with such an application. As long as it is network-related, it can be done. As a result, one can start by conducting a simple network scan, and then proceed to an advanced type which means more input on the user’s side. Dynamic scan is probably the most efficient of ways because in this particular case, the application is smart enough to know where to look and what to leave behind in its inquiries.

Malware scan and mobile device scan both deal with scanning malicious elements for both your device and your handheld. The interesting part for me was tied to the web application tests, which scan applications for vulnerabilities or potential issues in hosting them through the app code.

In terms of audit-related tasks, there is one particular option that deals with credentialed patches. Bedlock and DROWN detection are further options that serve to protect your network but also expand this program’s capabilities in terms of detection and security-related actions.

This particular application also supports the use of plugins, which in my opinion is a guarantee on the further expansion of the program and its network-centered protection system.

Nessus is a collection of network-oriented tools for users who do not want to risk ending up with an infected machine, no matter how safe they feel against potential threats.

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