Knowles Joins the Modelithics Vendor Program to Provide Simulation Models for its RF Components

Knowles Joins the Modelithics Vendor Program to Provide Simulation Models for its RF Components

Modelithics, Inc., a uniquely positioned source of scalable and highly accurate RF/microwave simulation models, announced that Knowles Precision Devices, a segment of Knowles Corporation, has joined the Modelithics Vendor Partner (MVP) Program at the Sponsoring level. Knowles is a leading provider of a wide range of highly engineered capacitors and other components (covering microwave to millimeter-wave frequencies) intended for use in critical applications in military, medical, electric vehicle, industrial, and new energy market segments. 

Through the Modelithics Vendor Partner (MVP) program, Knowles and Modelithics are collaborating to accelerate the product development process for today’s design engineers by providing world-class data along with highly accurate and scalable models. A collection of models for Knowles capacitors is available in the Modelithics COMPLETE Library, including a Microwave Global Model for the Knowles Milli-Cap surface-mount broadband capacitor. This model is validated up to 40 GHz and includes Modelithics advanced model features such as part-value, substrate, and pad-dimension scalability. Designers can specify the substrate and solder-pad dimensions (or completely de-embed the solder pads for use in EM/circuit co-simulations). Part-value scalability enables Microwave Global Models to be ideal for tuning and optimization. Furthermore, Microwave Global Models compensate for real-world parasitic effects, enabling first-pass success for PCB-based designs.

In addition, the Modelithics COMPLETE+3D Library for Ansys HFSS includes 3D EM geometry models for Knowles capacitors. The integration of Modelithics’ highly accurate and scalable parasitic models into the 3D design environment allows for a seamless EM/circuit co-simulation process, resulting in very accurate model-to-measurement agreements and fewer design iterations.

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