Download KLS Backup Professional

KLS Backup Professional is a great solution for individuals looking to create backups of various files or folders on their machines with minimum effort. The application is friendly and simple to control, allowing one to adjust its behavior depending on certain requirements or needs. The app also features various wizards for use with new features or just in order to discover the program’s full capabilities.

Before creating any backup files, one can adjust the application’s behavior, starting with backup task type, storage adjustments, security settings, continuing with pre- and post-actions, logs, options, and closing with general task adjustment and schedule creation. This program works great with cloud services, meaning you can very easily save your files to an online service, without having to waste time with painful procedures that do not deliver in the end the expected result.

Although you’d expect an application with this many functions to be confusing in many ways, you’d be surprised at how well-organized it really is. Any function can be easily accessed from the menu. There’s not much else one needs to do in order to find a setting. The associated descriptions and icons are very intuitive. You’ll also easily find your cloud services and FTP clients within the same system. There’s little to be called confusing in this program’s looks, keeping in mind that it also fits well with the rest of the OS interface.

KLS Backup Professional is by all means an application designed to help users create easy backup routines for files and folders that contain very important information and data. Do keep in mind this program does not require additional knowledge to be run at its full potential and that you’ll need your credentials for situations where cloud services are being used.

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