Polestar just unveiled their first phone — and it’s pretty stunning

For years there have been rumors of cars being manufactured by smartphone makers. Just recently, Apple reportedly canceled the Apple Car project, and Google never really made a car but their self-driving Waymo cars are made by Alphabet. Now the tables have turned with EV car manufacturer Polestar revealing a new smartphone. 

As reported by Android Police, Polestar unveiled the first images of what is simply known as the Polestar phone. No specs or features were detailed by the company but they’re expected to debut the phone next week.

We have to admit, the revealed images show off a pretty slick looking device. The bezels appear to be super-thin, which are supposed to be only 2.2mm thick. The phone is supposed to have a 21:9 aspect ratio, which leads us to believe the screen will sit around 6.5 inches.

Polestar Phone front

(Image credit: Polestar)

Based on the images, it appears the phone will have four cameras on the back. There appears to be a singular cut out for a front-facing camera. From what we can see there are only two buttons, which seem to be the standard volume buttons.

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