Snapchat’s AI-generated images get watermarks

Snap announced early this week some improvements to its AI related tools. The most important change is Snap’s decision to add watermarks to all AI-generated images shared via Snapchat.

The watermark seen below (a small ghost logo with a sparkle icon beside it) will appear on image created with Snap’s generative AI tools when the image is exported or saved to camera roll.

Besides adding watermark to all AI-generated images, Snap announced it has developed more safeguards to ensure all AI-powered features adhere to its safety and privacy regulations.

For instance, Snap announced it has created a safety review process to detect and remove potentially problematic prompts in the earliest stages of development of AI Lens experiences. Going forward, all Snap’s AI Lenses that generate an image from a prompt will go through this process before they’re finalized and become available on Snapchat.

Finally, Snap revealed that it’s implementing additional testing to minimize potentially biased AI results but didn’t offer any other details.

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