Google brings Gemini AI to the classroom – Computerworld

“Gemini AI assistant brings genAI capabilities to the full suite of tools educators are using across the Workspace ecosystem,” said Matthew Leger, senior research manager on IDC’s Government Insights team. “This is important because, in education, I often see schools adopt a range of AI tools from different providers, leading to what I call ‘AI siloes’ that make AI governance, management, and cost control challenging.” 

Leger added that these different tools can vary widely in quality and effectiveness, “so it is nice to now have some of the most powerful genAI models on the market available across many of the tools educators use every day, through one provider.”

Google in a blog post said it sees a range of uses for Gemini in education settings. Teachers, for instance, can use the tools to create a lesson plan, syllabus, or class exercise, with the ability to tailor content to student interests and skill levels. Gemini can also be used to generate images that can help bring concepts to life for students, Google said. 

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