Oracle extends support for Java 11, Java on Solaris

Oracle in its Spring 2024 roadmap for Java SE (Standard Edition) reconfirmed it will extend support for Java 11 through January 2032, and will support Java 8 and Java 11 on the Solaris operating system until at least December 2030 and January 2032 respectively.

The Java SE Spring 2024 roadmap update, published May 13, also notes the company’s continued commercial support of JavaFX and its planned sunsetting of the Advanced Management Console (AMC) after October 2024. AMC users should be migrating to Java Management Service (JMS), Oracle said.

Solaris is the longtime Unix OS Oracle acquired with Sun Microsystems in January 2010. Oracle said it remains committed to providing support for Java on Solaris. This currently means support for Java SE 8 until at least December 2030 and Java SE 11 until at least January 2032. These terms represent an extension of Java support by an additional six years past dates announced in 2019, Donald Smith, Oracle vice president of product management, wrote a blog post. Oracle also plans to support the WebLogic 14.1.2 application server on Oracle Solaris/Sparc servers in the future.

Oracle plans to end commercial support for JavaFX on JDK 8 in March 2025. Updates of JDK 8 released after March of 2025 will no longer include JavaFX, Smith wrote. JavaFX 8 is the last commercially supported version of JavaFX available from Oracle. Oracle reaffirmed its support for the Java client roadmap announced in May 2020 and said it will continue to develop JavaFX as stand-alone modules in the OpenJFX project and will continue to provide open-source OpenJFX builds on the latest versions of Java, currently JavaFX 22 on Oracle JDK 22.

Also on Oracle’s Java roadmap:

  • Oracle last month published a reminder that JDK 17, released in September 2021, is approaching its end of permissive licensing. Updates offered after September 2024 are planned to be offered under the Oracle Java OTN license, the same license used for Java 8 and Java 11.
  • Smith reiterated plans to support AMC through October 2024. Customers should be migrating to JMS, he said. AMC will not receive updates after 2024.
  • In addition to extending support for JDK 11 to January 1932 or later, Oracle has waived extended support fees for Java 11.

Oracle previously published a roadmap of plans for all of 2024 that covered projects ranging from Amber, for building productivity-oriented features, to Valhalla, for augmenting the Java object model. 

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